Tugas Pokok Fungsi Kasir

Berikut ini adalah daftar tugas-tugas pokok fungsi jabatan Kasir pada suatu perusahaan/lembaga/badan hukum yang sudah berbasiskan sistem informasi akuntansi yang terkomputerisasi :


* To ensure the treasury and payment function has been maintained correctly and properly, and to ensure that
the proper control over these functions are in place by working together as a team with other members in the

* To ensure that the data from finance transaction is accurately entered and on a timely basis in the system.

* Daily communication and correspondence with banks:
o Collecting data from Banks each morning of the foreign exchange rate.
o Collecting data from Banks each morning on the incoming or outgoing of the funds.
o Maintain relation with bank related officer.
o Report the balance and the exchange rate to the superior officer.
o Identify bank balances and inform the superior officer to ensure that all risks related to the daily
movement is handled properly.

* Advances Settlement:
o Handle the advances request from other departments properly.
o Arrange the timing of the advance request based on weekly basis.
o Ensure the reimbursement of the advances controlled properly as soon as the assignment finalized.

* Interface with electronic banking services from HSBC:
o Optimizing the use of Ebanking from HSBC facilities.
o On every morning connect the link to the SCB server and download datas.
o Keep the movement and foreign currency data on the server.
o Maintain approval using Ebanking.

* Time Deposit:
o Maintain properly the time deposit balances.
o The major goal is in maximizing the interest income to the Company.
o Prepare the calculation of interest earned and checked with our bank receipt on the maturity date and
make entries for that.
o Ensure the maturity date handles properly.

* Posting and Payment Entries:
o Accurately posting the incoming funds from our customer in the ledger on a timely basis.
o Accurately posting the payment to our supplier in the ledger on a timely basis.
o Ensure that the witholding tax has been entered correctly.
o Ensure the filling and documentation of the payment voucher and other cash/bank out voucher securely kept
in the finance filling.

* Payment Function:
o Ensure the payment for non-PO invoices has been approved properly by each department head who asked the service.
o Proceed payment by preparing payment voucher and other cash/bank out vouchers and prepare the cheques or
using electronic banking properly.
o Maintain approval for the payment.
o Ensure that the witholding tax has been correctly withold.
o Stamp Paid the payment voucher and other cash/bank out voucher.

* Petty Cash:
o Ensure the treasury function over the petty cash box and safe deposit vault.
o Maintain petty cash box and petty cash book properly.
o Ensure the filling and documentation of the cash voucher securely kept by in the finance filling.
o Make sure the reconciliation of petty cash account handled properly.
o Maintain the cash opname with the attendance of superior officer on a monthly basis.

* Bank Reconciliation:
o Maintain bank reconciliation report on a monthly basis of all the Company’s bank accounts.
o Prepare adjustment if any from the bank reconciliation report and entered properly in the ledger.
o Maintain Time deposit reconciliation report properly.

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